The idea for our brand, PRDE Apparel, originated one day when a coworker and I were talking about our experience being members of the LGBTQ+ community. We bonded over stories about how our parents occasionally refer to our sexual orientation as a lifestyle.

A story we had a good chuckle over was one where their father would want to be supportive and try to be hip. When he would meet someone that would be a member of the community he would do the side elbow and the chin nod and would say "Hey, my daughter... she's also in the lifestyle." 

We both agreed that it's great that he is proud of them and wants to be able to share that with others that he meets, but continue to have the conversation with our parents that our sexual orientation or gender identity is not something that we chose. So we wanted to take that term back and try to educate the world.

Our mission is to fight for equal rights or to just be who we are unapologetically, being a member of the LGBTQ2* community is not a lifestyle. We did not wake up one day and choose this journey.

Our brand, PRDE Apparel, is about validation. Showcase who you are through bright colours, fun designs, and educational products. Be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. Be as rainbow as you want to be!

Shout it from the rooftops, love you, yourself the most! You are important, and it's important to choose you and love yourself. All of our products are unisex, as to allow our customers to not feel the pressure of having to choose a gender. Be you. Do you. For you.